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To protect something that is dear or valuable, is an instinct that is very primal to not only human beings but to almost every living beings. This is what security is all about. Nowadays the term is very much in use as everything whether services or goods need security for protection from various perils. This intangible thing is more valuable than anything in modern life; it is the aegis of existence.

Who We Are


INTER-CON Security Solution PVT LTD is a Gorakhpur based security company built on the very primal concept of protection. We are an organisation that offers securitization to different services and products of the client who ask for our services.

Why Choose Us


We INTER-CON Security Solution PVT. LTD. provide the best of services to our client and in extension to their respective customers. We are very much into the zone when concerned about the security of any and all kinds. The procedures, details, technologies and ideas that construct our catalogue of security are built on brilliant intellect and updated equipments. Not only this but to provide our client with their tailor cut security framework at feasible cost in full privacy is what we offer to bestow. Our staffs for installation and maintenance of security infrastructure are very proficient and our physical security work forces are also very astute and trustworthy.