Cash Management


Money has been the fuel of economy as far as civilization goes and is almost synonymous to asset and power. So security to money has always been a necessary obligation. To make this obligation a breeze for financial organisations the INTER-CON Security Solution PVT LTD has made their move in the sector. For a proper and secure flow of liquid cash in the physical world of financial sector and to smooth out the transaction process these organisations and the mass is what INTER-CON Security Solution PVT LTD is thriving to achieve.

The monetary facilities that we manage proficiently are stated below


Cash in Transit

We provide good security channel for transportation of cash and valuables from one point to another. Delivery of banknotes and coins from mint to banks and from banks to cash kiosks or transferring of liquid relief fund from government sectors to disaster zones in the most secure and fast way is our guarantee.

Cash Replenishment

To keep the banking and financial workings uninterrupted even during crunch period, continuous stocking and flow of cash is require. We provide best option of cash transfer with proper invoicing and security to keep the cash inventory up all the time.

Cash Van Provision

Every transport of liquid cash is very risk prone as it is always an eye candy. We provide for strong and breach proof secured vehicles with strong and trustworthy staffs for safe keeping and safe delivery of money to proper destination.

ATM Management

Security of ATM kiosk, servicing and updating of Teller machine, replenishing of the cash stock in regular intervals and monitoring of it for maximising banking activity and customer satisfaction, we offer our ATM service.

Cash Processing

From cash counting to fraud note checking and from server management to ATM management, we provide all equipments and services of top class in order to keep the cash flow smooth