E Security


Well nowadays, whether it is a domestic site or a commercial site, security is the main aspect of things. Security is, in general, an abstract parasol term for all the procedures, man power and instruments that are required to make something safe from anything perilous to that thing. The branch of security that of most used and popular in the recent times is e security.

 The advent of digital age has given new wings to the security flight to fight against any and every breach and to beat it thoroughly with modern technology. To provide this new concept to our client in a way profitable and fruitful to them is the thought that gave INTER-CON Security Solution PVT LTD the stimulus to venture in the market with this particular service of e security. The specialization of INTER-CON Security Solution PVT LTD is in the field of monitoring the whole premises with hawk eye vigilance.


CCTV Surveillance


Closed Circuit Television or CCTV is the camera surveillance that keeps an eye on the activity of the place it is installed in and also has the provision of recording the view. With these installed all over the premises it is impossible to miss even a single bit of discrepancy. The INTER-CON Security Solution PVT LTD makes effort to make the premise intrusion proof by

  • Installing CCTVs all over the premise from indoor to outdoor
  • The installation are done in after hours to keep the procedure private
  • The security frameworks are laid down with strategic brilliance of our professionals in the presence of the client
  • The centralization is done with backup power system to keep the firewall up even in distress
  • The control room is manned by our astute staffs
  • The framework is intertwined with alarm and communication frameworks
  • Everything is done in a customized and cost effective way according to the clientele.