Facility Management


For maintenance of any facility an efficient and secured management system is a must have. For any sector of the world may it be domestic or may it be commercial, requirement of a properly laid scheme of things is very essential for smoothing on goings of activities on the path of progress. To make these basic facilities of managing different domains of life available to the people INTER-CON Security Solution PVT LTD has made sincere efforts. Our firm boasts of providing excellent workforce and modern techs & concepts in every initiative to manage anything for our clients in the most productive and cost viable way.

The management options that INTER-CON Security Solution PVT LTD offers are stated below



House Keeping

We provide excellent house keepers and janitors with modern equipments to keep you premises, lavatories and rooms clean along with laundry and pest control.


Payroll Management

To keep the finances and salaries of the employees well accounted for and to monitor the work culture and recruitment, we offer best practices and schemes.



Property Management

We offer best professionals, accountants and advisors for managing property transactions, taxes, insurances, rental services, legal aspects and many more to keep everything in line with no hassle.



It is very necessary to maintain the garden or backyard to keep the scenic beauty intact. We provide best gardening and landscaping professionals and ideas to keep the yard and pathways beautiful with pest control and horticulture rejigs.



Service on Call

We entertain any and all kinds of plumbing, electrical, thermal, carpentry and other distress calls with immediate on spot troubleshooting and maintenance.


Parking Management

To keep the parking spaces clean & secure with optional valet services we offer best plans, staffs and infrastructures for smooth parking.




We supply best candidates to firm of any sector, those are underhanded, with guarantee of best outcome.