The need of security is absolute in all sectors of modern human society. To provide for the securitization of each and every sector we, the INTER-CON Security Solution PVT LTD, have ventured in the security business. Our initiative is simply to give a sound safety details to anybody and everybody asking for it. Many companies are underhanded in many departments but they cannot afford to be under staffed in safety front, for which we are there to oblige, a security providing organisation that you can trust upon.


INTER-CON Security Solution PVT LTD offer services to many domains such as


Aerospace & Defence 

To have fault in security in defence is not at all acceptable. Every bit of scheme is of utmost secret in case of defence and we provide that extra lining of security over their own.

Consumer Goods & Services

We provide this sector by keeping the integrity of the services provides and safe keeping and handling of the goods from theft and other disasters.



Keeping the question papers of the examinations and the student details from leaking & hacking respectively and providing security details to education institutes for safety of students is our forte.


We provide good security against financial cyber and physical crimes.



To provide security against unrests, manning disaster situations and securing medicines & equipments against mal-intentions is our providence to healthcare.


For this sector we guarantee safe keeping of machinery and goods from theft and damage.


Natural Material & Resources

We provide security perimeter to restrict illegal extraction and theft of resources.

Non Governmental Organisation

We provide security to the residents from external intruders, trespassers and safe vaulting of relief funds.


Technology and Communication

We provide security against cyber hacking and physical hacking also.

Transportation and Logistics

This sector requires heavy duty guards for safe keeping and transportation of goods from theft and damage.


Government & Diplomatic

Keeping diplomats and government official safe against threat by providing bodyguards and convoys is our speciality.