Social Welfare

Securing the society is one of the most important task, we humans must perform as a necessary obligation for being part of this human society. This is not just an obligation but a requirement for us to survive like breathing in air or having food and water. We INTER-CON Security Solutions PVT LTD also abide by this rule. We do, being a security organisation, perform our duty to our society. INTER-CON Security Solutions PVT LTD performs many social welfare activities to make sure that the society advance towards a progressive and prosperous future.

The voluntary services that INTER-CON Security Solutions PVT LTD perform are stated below

  • Green Movement – We are aware of the global warming and disease infested clinical condition of our planet. We take actively take part in tree plantation drive to afforest the planet and let the pollution purify a bit, for we believe bit by bit a change is made.
  • Women Empowerment – To promote gender equality we make statement. It is not just our belief but a fact indeed that women non-involvement is dragging down our economy and progress. So we are making efforts for girl education and women participation.
  • Blood Donation – Many patients in the medical facilities and in chronic disease are dying because of lack of sufficient blood supply. So we make a stand against this and promote and convene blood donation campaigns.
  • Anti-Addiction – Many people are suffering from drug addiction and cancer from cigarette smoking and alcohol consumption. This is causing reduction of taskforce of the society. To fight this we organise awareness campaigns and rehabilitation drives.
  • Disaster Management – We provide voluntary help in case of any natural calamities like earthquake or floods and mass disasters like bombing or train accidents etc. We offer our services for the welfare of society.