Training Services


For performing well in anything it is of utmost importance to give time behind it and train hard. Like the saying goes practise makes perfect, training is essential for managing any sort of situation or environment. In case of escalated situations, individual training is not very effective. For better result a specialized professional training is required. With this idea in the burner the training services of INTER-CON Security Solution PVT LTD came into the big picture. The INTER-CON Security Solution PVT LTD has its own academy for training novices for different specialized streams according to the trainee’s opted topic.

The training courses imparted at the INTER-CON Security Solution PVT LTD academy are discussed below



Training the trainees in well set up facilities and with modern equipments to make them strong and agile is one of our specialities. The security procedures and skills are beat into the trainees to fight out any security breaches and adverse situations with best possible result. Some of the best security men and bodyguards come out of our academy.


The novices are trained hard in state of the art training facilities to fight any and every kind of fire emergencies. Be it a fire in a residential place, an industrial premise or in a public gathering, our trainees are given excellent instructions to complete evacuation, rescue and fire extinguishing with modern equipments in utmost proficiency.

Disaster Management

To secure the disaster ravaged site with perimetering , making fruitful efforts for rescue and salvaging along with primary medical aid is what our trainees are trained with to manage any natural calamities, fire or bombing like situations.


Risk Assessment

Our academy also provide specializations for credit risk assessment, tax management, insurance claims and legal affairs relating to property or organisational domain. The trainees are exposed to the experience of field training & veteran advice for complete professional solidification of their knowledge.